We offer complete floor plan redesign with drawings and renderings that allow you to understand what your home will look like before we even begin building. 

Whether you have a plan or not, UpSpacing  can guide you as you create your dream home!

Our Services​

It is our mission to seamlessly provide you with funtional, beautiful spaces that calm your mood and organize your life.
  1. Kitchen Design
    Conceptual drawings and dimensioned plans are created to ensure accuracy, functionality, and beauty.
  2. Cabinet Sales
    Our offer affordable, well-crafted cabinetry. Our styles and colors will allow you to create a beautiful kitchen whether you prefer contemporary or more traditional styles.
  3. Cabinet Installation
    At only $55 per cabinet, our professionals will install your new cabinets and moldings. All you have to do, is enjoy your new cabinets!
  4. Closet Design
    Closets are small spaces that serve a lot of responsibilities. By having your closet professional designed, you can make the most out of your square footage.
  5. Bathroom, home office, & Laundry
    These functional rooms of the home can often become over looked; but when designed with the homeowner in mind, these spaces can become the best features of your house.
  6. Delivery
    Your cabinets and other purchases will ship directly to your home.