Your Kitchen Will Shine
Show off your new kitchen and make it more functional as well by adding lighting to your cabinets.

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  1. Puck Lights
    Puck Lights
    Offered as surface mount or recessed, puck under cabinet lighting is primarily used as task lighting. Perfectly positioned to ensure the kitchen is an efficient working space for everyday tasks such as food preparation. Spot lighting is typically positioned under the wall units to illuminate the worktop, giving light exactly where it is needed.
  2. Strip Lights
    Strip Lights
    The ultimate task lighting solution. Create a continuous run of unbroken lighting by using an LED strip light. Products can be interlinked or cut to length to create the perfect solution for you.
  3. Drivers
    Drivers Drivers are needed to power low voltage LED lighting. Sensio drivers include special components to accommodate the unique demands of LED lighting and their power output matches the requirements of the fixtures they supply.
  4. Controllers
    Good lighting control can make a real difference to the functionality of your application. Sensio offers a full range of modules including touch and RF dimmers, RGB controllers and infrared sensors.
  5. SensioPod
    The SensioPod is an attractive pull up socket solution. Great for use in kitchen islands, the SensioPod boasts several design features. Choose the best color option for your style.
  6. Drawer Lighing
    Drawer Lighing
    Providing an innovative solution for drawers, Sensio has developed the compact HD LED drawer light. Exclusively released by Sensio, the SA9030HD uses innovative sensor technology and energy efficient lighting. When a drawer is opened or motion is detected, the fixture illuminates with powerful HD LEDs (see below). Maximizing storage space, these lights will make even the deepest, darkest and most awkward drawers fully accessible.
See Before You Buy
You can view your kitchen design with most lighting options right inside of your cad rendering before you purchase your products!