UpSpace Your 18" Cabinet Base for Free!

Upgrade your 18" base for Free!
Choose your Upgrade below.
  1. Two Bin Trash Can Pull-out
    This 18" wide cabinet features two built-in trash bins for convenient access.
  2. 18" Tray Divider
    This 18" tray divider keeps long pans and cutting boards separated so they are easy to find.
  3. 18" Roll-Out Tray Cabinet
    Choose from one, two, or even three roll-out trays for your 18" cabinet. Roll-out tray cabinets with a top drawer are only available with 1 to 2 trays. Full height door cabinets are available with 1-3 pull-out drawers.
  4. Up to 18" 3-Drawer Base
    Choose 12-18" three drawer base to customize your space.
  5. Custom Drawer Organizer
    Upgrade your standard cabinet to have a drawer organizer. You can choose between Cutlery Tray Divider, Utensil Tray Divider, or Knife Block Kit.
  6. Spice Storage Pull-Out
    9" Spice Storage Pull-Out with three shelves. Kitchen size. Kitchen size will decrease by 9 inches.