Features & Modifications

Customize your kitchen, bath, office, laundry, or any room in your home. 
Talk with a Design Specialist to determine what options are available for your space.
Our cabinetry and design services allow you to visualize the potential of your space.
  1. Increased Depth
    Maximum cabinet width for this option is 36”. Only available in Wall & Vanity cabinets. Increased Depth option is available in 1” increments. Maximum depth for Wall is 24” Maximum depth for Vanity is 23”
  2. Reduced Depth
    Maximum cabinet width for this option is 36”. Reduced Depth Option is available in 1” increments. Minimum depth for Wall is 5" Minimum depth for Base/Vanity is 6" Minimum depth for Tall is 6" * Only 21” & 24” depth base/vanity cabinets will have operating drawers, all others will have false drawer fronts. † Only 24”depth cabinets available with Roll-Out Trays (ROT). ‡ Peninsula cabinets less than 11” deep will not have built up toe kick but will be a 30” high cabinet that requires toe kick build up with  eld installation Base End Angle (BEA) cabinets minimum depth is 18”
  3. Matching Interior
    Matching Interior includes interior cabinet sides, top, bottom, back, and shelves. Standard color Matching Interior material features easy clean, non-porous sanitary melamine and is a representation of exterior color and wood species. Designer Paint Collection will have plywood painted interiors with the exception of painted Linen which will be melamine plywood. Drawer Boxes, Roll-Out Trays, and any inserts will not have Matching Interior. Matching Interior panels extend to the top and bottoms of cabinet and is visibly different than standard interior cabinets.
  4. Prepped for Insert
    Available for all door styles (doors WILL NOT contain mullions). Shelves included as standard with cabinet, check individual product specification. Insert panels and /or glass are not included and must be purchased locally. Door back routed to receive up to 3/8 ” thick insert. Matching Interior (MI) is not standard with PFI cabinets and must be ordered separately.
  5. Matching Beaded Back Panel
    3/8 ” plywood veneered beaded back panel that matches cabinet frame & door Matching Interior (MI) is not standard with Matching Beaded Back cabinets and must be ordered separately.
  6. Finished Front Only
    Available for most cabinets with a face frame. A finished front allows pipes and other hard to hide items vanish into a seamless design. Includes cabinet face frame, door(s), drawer front(s), and hinges.
  7. Void Door/Drawer Front All
    Remove doors and drawers to create open shelving in your space.
  8. Aluminum Frame Door
    Aluminum Frame door is available with glass inserts and provide a modern look to any design. Photo not available.
  9. Super Sink Base
    Super Sink Base cabinets provide tilt out utensil tray, wire basket pull mounted to the door, cabinet liner, and three towel bar designed to keep towel off of door.
  10. Prepped for Glass or Alternate Insert
    Any wall cabinet can be prepped for insert—ready for your choice of glass, tin, or fabric. If the insert is not opaque, consider adding a matching interior for a consistent finished look.